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About the university

General information about Urgench State University.

          Urgench State University was founded on the basis of previously functioned Khorezm State Pedagogical Institute. Khorezm State Pedagogical Institute was established on 1 September in 1942 on the basis of the Institute of higher education and training. The Institute consisted of 4 faculties: Physics and mathematics, Uzbek language and literature, Russian language and literature, history. In 1991there were 6 faculties and 22 departments.

         Urganch State University was established on the basis of the Khorezm State Pedagogical Institute in accordance with the Decree No. 356 dated February 28, 1992, by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

         Urgench State University includes 8 faculties, 30 departments, where 42 directions train bachelors, and masters in 15 specialties. Stated that ,the full-time department bachelor's students are 7588, and 88 master's students, a total of 7676 students. University professors and teachers in the educational process are applied to operate: 677. Including: doctors, professors, 19 (2.8%), Ph.D., associate professors, 156 (23.1%), teachers and assistant teachers 502 (74.1%) are conducting lessons. University professor-teachers who have scientific degree are accounted for 25.8%.

          The University has 8 academic buildings, 4 hostels, with 1036 the number of students who live in it. Furthermore, there is Palace of Culture, Sports Complex, and the IRC premises. Academic laboratories are surrounded with the total area of 12571.95 square meters. Code area of 1.65 square meters per student.

          212 academic audiences are being functioned. 40 laboratory audiences and 12 language labs (equipping supply degree is 92%) exists. Computer classes reached 30, the total number of computers in 1157 (1 PC per 7 students). 1050 the number of computers connected to the Internet.

         Training personnel on the fields of knowledge.

1. The number of students in the humanitarian sphere 2867 (38%);
2. The number of students in social, economic and law sphere 1053 (14%);
3. The production and technical area - the number of students 2183 (28%);
4. Rural and water resources - 967 students (13%);
5. Services sphere - 518 students (7%);

         According to the grant of the State on the bachelors 2361 (compared to the total state grant 98.7%), 31 master's (1.3%)).

         The structure of teaching languages on the contingent of students:

-Uzbek language 7419 (96.6%);
-Russian language 257 (3.4%);
-Students from other provinces: 127 (1.7%).

         The number of foreign students: 51(Turkmenistan - 50, 1 of the Russian Federation).

         1652 bachelor's degree, 59 master's degree (including government grants on bachelors 506 (30.6%), 18 master's (30.5%)) students graduated from the university last academic year.

         During 2016/2017 academic year 1808 bachelor's, 26 master's degree students have been accepted (including the state grant on the bachelors 598 (33.1%), masters, 11 (42.3%)).

         Information regarding students who get the scholarships of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, State named scholarships, the winners of international sports competitions, the winners of Republic sport competitions, the winners of contests.

         Our University team gained the third place during "Kamolot" Cup football competition conducted in May 2016.

         In 2016 one of our students has taken the second place in "Best video" contest.

         In 2017, during the young scientists and talented students'conferenceheld under the slogan "twenty-first century is the century of intellectual generation"8 young scientists and talented students from our University participated successfully.

         In 2016, there was 1 Presidential scholarship Fellow, 3 prominent public scholarship winners and 8 winners of the science Olympiad and contests in our University.

         In 2016, 1 master's degree student became a winner of the contest "the best master's thesis".

         3 participants of the International Olympic and Paralympic games conducted in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro won 3 bronze medals.

         University team got the first place in the intellectual contest "Zakovat" conducted in 2016 in Bukhara.

         Participants of the final stage of the contest "Universidad 2016"held in Fergana city won 2 gold, 8 silver and 20 bronze medals.

         During 13th World Wrestling Championship held in India among youth one student from our University take the first place 2 students took 2nd and 3rd place in Tokyo city championship.

         The results of scientific and educational researches in 2016.

Posted: 486 scientific articles (176 of them abroad);

5 monographs;

1237 educational-methodical complexes were prepared; 2 training manual. 1 copyright Attestation 6 patents

Foreign grants: 8 foreign projects, which value of 2.5 million euros,are being implemented.

Research on governmental grants: 279 016 two thousand sums have been completed.

Research on the agricultural contracts: 31 664 thousand sums have been completed.

The researchs include 17 professors and teachers, 1Senior Scientific Investigators and 2 students.

Senior research fellows: 36.

4 employees of the university defended Doctor of sciences in the last 3 years.