International department

  • Head of department:Ibragimov Zafar
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Information about International office

The Department of International Relations of Urgench State University was established in 2000, the followings worked as the head of the department: B. Hikmetov (2000-2002 years), Z. Ibragimov (2002-2007 years, since August, 2015- up to present), M. Masharipov (2007-2009 years), J. Boltayev (2009-2012), L. Ganjaeva (2013), R. Atakhanov (2012 year, 2014-2015 years). Partnership in education, research works and experience exchanging was established with many countries such as (EU), USA, India, Republic of Korea, Malaysia and United Nations Organization , (European Union Committees) Educational and Cultural Agency of the European Union Committee and others by the Department within 15 years. As a result of these partnerships, more than 30 project were done at the University which have overall value of approximately 15 million dollars, more than 200 professor-teachers, members of research institutions and students have been to the Universities and research centers of developed countries to exchange experience and in research study .
Moreover, more than 100 foreign guests of honour (Ambassadors, principals, state figures, writers and poets) scientists, teachers, researchers, volunteers, students, members of associated Organizations visited University. Furthermore, UNESCO of UNO and Development Program, TEMPUS, Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus Plus, KOICA (Korean International Relationship Organization) of the Republic of South Korea, DAAD (Academic Exchange Organization of Germany) and GIZ (International Relationship of Germany) Cultural Centers and Embassies of the USA, France, Germany in Uzbekistan should be stated. According to Memorandum, signed in association with California State University of the USA, there was first International conference between USA and Uzbek scientists held on 20-23 may, 2014 developed the partnership and was agreed that the conference will be held in UrSU, in 2017. Furthermore, the scientists of these Universities presented a project (to national Science Foundation) on scientific research done by students of the USA with scientists of UrSU and on studying History of Uzbekistan to National Science Foundation of America. Currently, the University is in association with Las Palmas of Spain in sphere of International credit mobility program of Erasmus Plus of the EU, Padua of Italy, Latvia University of Latvia and Zagreb University of Croatia. In addition the Urgench State University is cooperating with Santiago de Compostela University of Spain on the project “Establishment of Computing Center and Curriculum Development in Mathematical Engineering Master program (ECCUM)” on the bases of the “Capacity Building” program of the project Erasmus Plus. International relations Department is planning to expend range and geography of International relations in the near future.