Science 2020


       Davlat ramzlari Davlat ramzlari



  • Head of department:Takhirov Yuldash Rajabovich
  • Telephone: (+998)94-230-19-78
  • Email:

The responsibilities of the Department:

To implement decisions, orders and instructions of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education and other higher organizations on establishment and control of Master’s educational process on a university scale.
To develop curriculum and educational programs of Master’s directions and to provide with necessary authentication. To organize general-methodological discipline lessons at Master’s, and to control of organization of educational process of specialty disciplines at departments, to supply with regulations to ensure the educational process.
To check the quality of lesson conducting according to the schedule, and to verify record of group registers in time on the requirement.
To approve rating control schedule and to control trials conducting based on the actual requirements of the transfer.
To control master students’ scientific-pedagogical and scientific-research practice establishment, reaching an agreement related to practice and practice procedure based on fixed order.
To prepare to the FSA (Final State Attestation) and to coordinate department activities in conducting it based on the requirements.
To participate in procedure of FSA and to carry out reports in accordance with its results.
To study leading practices of foreign country postgraduate education, to analyse and to take measures to implement them in the educational process.
To control of the full participation of Master students to classes (attendance), and to conduct regular monitoring.
To carry out the spiritual, educational, cultural and educational matters with Master Students, to ensure their participation at above-mentioned areas at university scale.
To conduct the monitoring in employment of Master’s. To prepare candidates to the Presidential scholarship competition, that is held among Master’s and to ensure their participation in the contest.