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History faculty

The formation of history faculty in Urgench State University began in 1935. Social sciences have been taught at Khorezm State Pedagogical Institute since 1935. Social sciences were combined in a separate department in 1944. From 1944 to 1946 the department was headed by S. Boltacheva and then by I.A. Vishkarev sent from Moscow.
In those years teachers such as L.A. Vishkarev , S. Boltacheva, A.Mantuseva , Grinka , M.X. Aliakbarov worked at the department. Candidate of philosophical science Ya.Rajapov and senior teachers R.Djumaniyazov and Vapayev joined the department in 1954. Assistant professor c.ph.s. Ya. Radjapov was appointed as head of the department in 1954 and he worked in that post for about 30 years.
Scientific potential of the department was very low in those years and there was an urgent need for scientists , candidates , and professors. Among the teachers working at the department only Ya. Radjapov had scientific degree. To provide the department with experienced teachers was very important . Therefore , professor J.M.Bobonev, professor B.Ismailov, professor M.Baratov, professor I.Jabbarov from Tashkent universities were invited to work here.
From 1960 till 1970 the scientific potential of the department was improved by the teachers who defended their candidate theses successfully at universities in Tashkent , Moscow , Leningrad and Kiev. Senior lecturers and candidates such as N.Kalandarov, M.Matniyazov , A.Satlikov , K.Abdullayev, A,Khaitbayev, Kh. Sapayev, F.Madrakhimov, A.Sabirov showed their selflessness while teaching the youth.
Due to expansion of Khorezm State Pedagogical Institute in 1967 the department of social science was divided into three departments . History faculty has been rendering a service for many years . At first it was named as “Philology and history ” faculty. On 3 January in 2001 it separated from “Philology and history” faculty and was named as “History and law ” faculty. Since 2008 it has been called as “History” faculty.
Candidate of jurisprudence Ya.Yu. Allamov was the head of the faculty from 2001 till 2005 , candidate of historical science , senior lecturer S.R. Davletov headed the faculty from 2005 till 2009 , candidate of historical science T.P. Abdullayev was the dean of the faculty from 2009 till 2013 , since 2013 the faculty has been headed by O.Shikhov, candidate of historical science .
In the current academic year 598 students are studying at the history faculty in all . Young specialists are being taught in the following directions: 5120300- History (countries and regions) , 5111600 – Idea of the national independence , bases of spirituality and law studying. Masters of degree in cipher 5A120302- History (branches and countries) are taught, as well.
Nowadays studying processes and scientific – methodical work are ruled by the following departments : 1. “History” department. Head of the department is assistant professor O.I. Abdullayev.
2. “Idea of the national independence , bases of spirituality and law studying ” department. Head of the department is O.B. Abdullayev , candidate of historical science , assistant professor . 3. “Theory of building democratic society in Uzbekistan and philosophy” department. Head of the department is M.Khajiyeva PhD.
Two professors , one Doctor of Philosophy , sixteen candidates of science are working at the History faculty nowadays. Scientific level of the teachers can be seen in their research work , participating in scientific conferences, using new methods and technologies at their lessons . Using modern pedagogical technologies , activities , video lessons and lectures in the lessons improved students’ knowledge of history and the Humanities and students have participating in Olympiads , intellectual games and debates .
Following study groups are working at the faculty: “Oykumena” in “History” department , “Young philosophers” in “Theory of building democratic society in Uzbekistan and philosophy ” department , “Young lawers” in “Idea of the national independence , bases of spirituality and law studying ” department . Students learn news on history , philosophy and law and carry on research work in different branches of science .
There is a group of competent students at the faculty and they get consultations about their specialities , foreign languages and information technologies .
3 students of the faculty became owners of President scholarships of the Republic of Uzbekistan , 9 students got state scholarships named after Navoi between 2002 and 2016. Specialists who graduated from the faculty are working in different fields of the society , in foreign countries and in different regions of Uzbekistan showing their best skills .