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Natural sciences

  • Dean:Ruzimov Jumanazar Sharipovich
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The history of the Natural Science Faculty

In 1949 the department, which aimed to prepare the incomplete higher educated teachers from geography, chemistry, biology subjects, was opened in the Khorezm State Pedagogy Institute. This department was supervised by the assistant professor S.I.Izmailov and I.Karimov during the 1949-1959 years. The reading period was outlined for 2 years and at that time lots of educators, including S.I.Izmailov, I.Karimov, A.Khaydarov, P.Kamilov, Z.Karimova worked there.
In 1967 natural science faculty which was aimed to prepare higher educated teachers was organized in KSPI. The faculty was led by the assistant professor S.Khujaniyazova, T.Ollaberganov, A. Sotliqov from 1967 to 1991 years and then it was ruled by R.Egamberdiyev and B.Sadikov. Higher educated teachers were prepared according to the specialities: biology, biology-chemistry, geography and biology-geography at the faculty. At that time nearly 500 students were educated at the faculty.

S.Iskandarov, S.Khujaniyazova, G.Hojiqurbonova, B.Haqberdiyev, A.Matyaqubov, R.Egamberdiyev, B.Sodiqov, R.Hamzin, M.Eshchanov, P.Otayev were the experienced teachers who took the PhD and Candidate of Science degrees. Till the 1992 year, there were active academic chairs including, botany- soil science, chemistry, zoology, human anatomy and physiology and geography at the faculty. Those chairs were ruled by R.Egamberdiyev, B.Sodiqov, A. Matyaqubov, R. Qurbonniyozov, G. Satipov, B. Haqberdiyev. The professor teachers of the faculty did lots of scientific research works including, “Khorezm desert plants’ biologic features”, “Hydrobiology of basins in Khorezm oasis”, “ Economic- social problems of irrigated fields in Amu-darya region”. Numerous Scientific articles, monographs (by M.Eshchanov, B.Haqberdiyev) related to those problems were also published and dissertations were defended as well.
After 1992, the chairs of the faculty were reorganized according to the requirements of time. From 1992 to 2006, Eshchanov R.A ruled the faculty. At that period, there were almost 50 professor- teachers. Two of them had PhD degree, 4 of them were professors and 18 of them had Candidate of science degrees.
The collaboration between Urganch State University in Khorezm and Scientific center, researching the development, attached to the Bonn University in Germany (ZEF) and UNESCO were established under the leadership of assistant professor R.Eshchanov. The aim was to learn the demographic process, improve the economy and health of the population, make a big crop from plants, and use the soil and water resources in agriculture. The scientific research works of this project were planned for 10 years for 10 million euro. It was conducted by the co collaborations of Uzbekistan Republic Agriculture Ministry and the ministry of Higher and secondary-special education. The main financial resource of the project is Science and Education Federal Ministry of Germany; the extra financial funds are Science and Education Ministry of Nordrayx-Westfallen state and Academic personnel exchanging organizations of Germany. According to the ZEF project, laboratory furnitures, equipments, and 8 cars were given to Urgench State University in order to do the project tasks. In addition to this, 5computers (2 800 000 soum), 1 scanner and printer (200 000 soum), an armchair (100 000), furniture costs 600 000 soum, 15 chairs (275 000 soum) were presented with budget. Geographic information system center was organized as well and all necessary equipments were carried from Germany.

Since 2006, under the leadership of Ruzimboy Eshchanov, there is an opportunity as a for the students who has bachelor degree in biology, agronomy, geography and economics to continue their Masters degree in Vaynshtein University in Germany.
In order to do the research according to the requirements of time, optical fiber virtual laboratory “For the drying lakes of Africa, Middle East and Central Asia” was organized on UNESCO and other partners’ accounts. This laboratory is being used nowadays for accepting the information and passing it on, doing distance teaching and scientific research, making video conferences, including 3 international video conferences: Urgench- Bonn, Urgench- Olmaota, Urgench- Navoi.
On June 7-8, 2005, International scientific practical conference named “Economical and Ecological Developing of the system using water resources in low Amu- darya region” was held with the co-operations of Urgench State University and ZEf UNESCO Project.
From 2006 till 2008 year Sh. Qodirov was the instructor of the faculty.
Teachers of chair climated to plant a tropic crop "indegofero" in a local salty soil position, by the name of " UNESCO" in Uzbekistan. Teachers of chair climated to plant a tropic crop "indegofero" in a local salty soil position and created local "Feruz-1" quality by the name of consular office of the UNESCO in Uzbekistan.
C.b.s. assistant-professor Reader I.I.Abdullayev was the intructor of the faculty in 2008-2012 years. From 2012- year assistant-professor Polvonov Xudaybergan Qozievich has been the dean of the Natural Subjects faculty till nowadays.

From 2012-2013 study year, license is taken for "Cartography works" from The Republic Government patent office.
Agronomy Science olympiad organized in Tashkent city. Student of The Urgench State University Natural Science faculty 201-group took the 3 rd position. Fourth year biology student X.Allaberganova (G.Yakubov instructor) of KSU took the second position at The National Biology Olimpiad at the second position.
They are taking part in a innovative fairs. Including 8 th and 9 th Republic innovative ideas, from the professors and teachers Sh. Hasanov, H.Azizjonov from powerful students F.Abdullayev, N. Niyozova were active in the fair of works and projects.
An intensive trening program was held in The Urgench State University of the Faculty of Natural Science, The lobaratory of Krass in UzWater project. It is about environment and sustainable development program for the management of water based graduate course on "intensive training". The teaching staff of the department and the training of young scientists and students organized lectures and seminars.

In 2017-2018 from the study year with initiative of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Urgench State University Sail chair 2 new directions Agronomy (being busy with doing vegetable and melon) and to protect plants planned opening professionals of quarantine
As well as in the foundation of faculty special melon field and its laboroty also carry activity.
As well as in the foundation of faculty special melon field and its laboratory also carry activity.
Nowadays there are following chairs in the faculty:
1. Geodesy, Cartography, Geography.
2. Chemist.
3. Biology.
4. Soil.