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  • Dean:Yarmetov Jumanazar Ruzimovich
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Pedagogical faculty

Pedagogical faculty was founded in 1954. There were chairs of Pedagogy and Psychology, Theory and methods of primary education in the faculty. Professor M. Jumaniyazov, G. Satipov, prof. H. Abdullaev, prof. R.Rajabov had been guided in the faculty for many years.
For the purpose of improvement the quality of educational specialists training on Republican and Regional scales on January 30, 1994 was founded the center of Pedagogy and docent Rajabov had been appointed as a head of the center. There were departments, such as Pedagogy and Psychology, The Subject of General Technics and Bases of Production, Special Physical Training, Method of a Primary Education and Pedagogy of Music in the center. Nearly 600 students were educated in the center. The number of prof-teachers were composed of 83. Later in 2000, the center of Pedagogy was changed to the faculty of Pedagogy. There were trained specialists on Primary Education, Pedagogy and Psychology, Fine Arts and Engineering Graphics, Applied Art, Music and Labour training Education in the faculty. In 2006, the chair of Bases of Production joined to the faculty of Engineer Technics. Earlier prof. F. Rajabov and doctor of physics-mathematics E. Kushchanov worked in the position of dean. By the year 2002-2011 the faculty had been leaded by prof. E. Ruziyev. By the year 2011-2013 the faculty had been leaded by doctor of pedagogical science A. Khudayberganov. From 2014 doctor of physics-mathematics Madatov Xabibulla Axmedovich has been working in a position of dean up to now. At the present time following chairs are functioning in the faculty.

1. The chair of Pedagogy and Psychology
2. The chair of Method of Primary and Nursery Education
3. The chair of Labour training Education
4. The chair of Music Education
5. The chair of Fine art and Graphics of Engeneering
Nowadays, students study the following directions in the faculty:
-Fine art and Graphics of Engeneering
- Pedagogy and Psychology
-Music Education
-Primary and sport Education
- Nursery Education
-Labour training Education
-Psychology(on activity types)