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Physical culture

  • Dean:Sharipov Allabergan Kamilovich
  • Telephone: (8362) 224-66-28
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The history of Physical Education faculty

The faculty of physical education (PE) was founded on September 21 in 1992. In 1999-2006 professor G.M Satipov and in 2006-2009 associate professor O.L Matnazarov worked as a deputy dean of the faculty. Since 2009, associate professor A.K Sharipov has been working as a dean of Physical Education faculty.
In the initial period of the foundation of our faculty, it consisted of 3 departments: “Human anatomy and Physiology”, “Theory and Methodology of PE” and “General PE”. In 2011, the name of “Human anatomy and physiology” department changed into “Principles of medical science” and the name of “General PE” department turned into “Physical education and sport”.
“Human anatomy and Physiology”(Principles of medical science) department was founded in 1999, over the period of 1999-2006 associate prof. E.Y.Khushchanov, 200-2011 professor G.M. Satipov and during the years of 2011-2015 associate prof. X.Bekchanov worked as a chief of the department. Between 1999 and 2010 associate prof. M.M. Rakhimov and since 2010 doctor of pedagogical science F.T.Masharipov ruled the department. From 2015 the name of the department was renamed as “Theory and Methodology of PE” and S.U Ko’palov has taken the leadership.
In 1999-2006, associate professor U.L Matnazarov, in 2006-2009 associate professor V.Sh Rahimov, in 2009-2015 associate professor U.L Matnazarov worked as a Chairman of Physical Culture (Physical Culture and sport). In September 2015, the name of this department was changed into “Interfaculties Physical culture and sport”. Currently associate professor B.J Yadgarov is leading this department.
Since 2015, two departments have been working at faculty, these are “Theory and Methodology of PE” and “Interfaculties Physical culture and sport” departments.
At first, bachelors studied daily and external divisions at faculty with the field of PE and PC 5141900. In 2005, specialty of PE and PC 5A141901was opened and 6 masters were accepted. Since 2011- 2012 bachelors have been accepted in the field of PC 5112000. From 2013-2014 in order to develop sport and physical activities in the villages and to prepare female trainers for supporting local girls playing sport, at the faculty of PC of Urgench State University students were accepted to the field of sport activity 5610535 (development of sport for females).In this department students are training with 4 types of sport: volleyball, handball, Judo and Trackfield athletics to meet the needs of personals in sport schools, colleges, sport assembly, professional teachers and Trainers in the region Khorezm.
Nowadays, Faculty of PC is preparing professional teachers and qualified personals for state schools, sport schools, academic lyceums and vocational colleges.In 2001-2002 academic years, the faculty moved in a new building which has been constructed. The new building has modern sport hall and classrooms and it is rovided with the equipment that meets the standards. The building of the faculty was repaired according to the PQ-1533 regulations in 2014.
At our faculty there are all conveniences for students to play sports as extracurricular activities: 2 large sport halls (18x36), a football pitch, 2 athletics running tracks, jumping playgrounds, nuclear throwing grounds, two basketball, 2 handball, 2 mini-football, 3 volleyball grounds, 2 tennis courts and 1 gym ground. Moreover, in the building anatomy and physiology rooms, sport games and theory and methodology of physical training rooms have been equipped with enough visual aids and e-boards. Professor and teachers have all facilities to conduct their lessons using new pedagogical and information technologies. At faculty there is a computer and linguaphone room. All computers have been connected with the network in the computer room and the students can find lecture books, manuals and others in e-form of their subjects.
There are 4 monographies, more than 100 published collections and 100 scientific articles have been printed by this time in physical training faculty. Professors and teachers have been participating in fundamental, practical and innovative projects.
In 2012-2013 years asssisstant professor A.K Sharipov had one research work in an innovativegrant. IOT 2012-1-22 Innovation Technology for improving of professional stability from Physical Education. During the investigation 5 traditional articles, 1 methodology an teaching manuals, 1 monography and 1 e-manual were published. In 2006-2015 years 11 proffessor teachers defended their dissertations based on independent reseacher.
For developing and improving of sport training for making healthy, increasing interests and popularity of sport among students and teachers, in 1999 there was opened Students sport club called “Talaba”.
The sportsmen of our University is considered as the figures of our region sport team in “Universiada” games. Our team got 11th place in the Universiada 2000, which was carried out in Namangan. But in the Universiada 2012 in Bukhara and in the Universiada 2004 they got 8th place and finally in the Universiada 2007 in Tashkent Urgench state University won 4th place. During 1999-2015 more than 10 mastersports of international degree, more than 50 mastersports and hundreds of nominees for mastersport degree are trained in our faculty. Students of our faculty not only participate in sport games but also they takes part in succesfully scientific competitions and Olympiads. Additionally in the olympiad 2012 in republic level our students : D.Yakubova got 3rd and S.Matniyozov got 2nd from the subject theory and methodology of physical training. In Republic Olympiad which is conducted Agriculture Institute of Samarkhand our students A.Madaminov gained 2nd place twice in 2012 and 2013 and L.Abdurahmonov gained 3rd place in 2015.For instance, student Atajanova Gulyor was awarded with “Zulfiya” State Prize” for her special achievements in sports in 3rd of March in 2014.