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The history of the technical faculty

Khorezm is considered the land of scientists and professors who made their great contribution to the world's science since the beginning of time. The Urgench State University has been delivering our forefathers' heritage and the knowledge of the world directly to irreproachable generation. Thus, the contribution of technical faculty is more. Nowadays the technical faculty at the Urgench State University was formed as engineering-technical faculty in 1992. At the same time there are the departments like "Machinating" and "General physics and radio electro technique" in structure of the faculty, subjects as common engineering and special sciences are available and taught. Subjects of the social humanities are taught by the professors and teachers of the interfaculty's departments of the university.
"Machinery" which is a chair in this department retrained specialists in the following three directions:
- machines of food industry;
- cooling machines and constructions;
- automobile and automobile industry.
On the occasion of starting vocational colleges in the country it began training students in the 5140900 - direction of professional education since 2005, in order to provide them with specialists.
Since 1996, considering needs of local staff, the department "architecture and construction" was added to the structure of the faculty and on that occasion the specialists have been training in the following directions at the faculty:
- repairing and driving transports;
- equipments and technical machines;
- architecture;
- construction of buildings;
At a result of generalizing faculties new department and educational directions were added to the structure of the faculty in 2011. The faculty of chemistry and technique was formed since September, 2011. The directions of the university, training engineering and technologist, are existed to the structure of the faculty. The faculty has been called "Technique" since September 2015. Nowadays the departments: "Constructing and architecture", "Chemical techniques", "Systems of transport" are acting their process in the faculty. Bachelors and masters are trained in the following directions:
The department "Chemical technology"
- 5522400 - Chemical technology (on the basis of manufacturing types)
- 5410500 - initial producing technology and saving agricultural productions
- 5321000 - Food technology (on the basis of common food technology)
- 5320500 - Biotеchnology (among nets);
- 5111000 - Professional education (5410500 - initial producing technology and saving agricultural productions);
5111000 - Professional education (5320400 - Chemical technology (on production type);
The department "Construction and architecture"
- 5340100 - architecture;
- 5340300 - city constructing;
- 5341000 - architecture and design organization of rural zones;
The department "Transport systems"
- 5310500 - the car and tractor construction;
- 5310600 - Land transport systems and their operation (tractors, farm vehicles and equipment);
In the faculty 55 skillful professors are training students using modern computer and new pedagogical technologies on the basis of the qualified education. In the faculty 3 doctors of science, 17 candidates, 6 big teachers, 29 teachers have been holding lessons.
The technical faculty is one of the main faculties which train architects and engineers. Prof. Qalandarov Z, B. and Babayev Z. K, Matnazarov A has been heading up the faculty since 2005. Boyjonov works as a dean of the faculty since October 16, 2015.
Some of our students: A. Matquliyev got scholarship of the president, G. Ruziyev, M. Djumaniyazov Mansour, U. Nurmetov, T. Musayev, O. Matkarimov, A. Samandarov were awarded with state grant called "Beruni" of the republic Uzbekistan and Z. Masharipova, S. Po'zmetov, H. Jumanyazovs were scholar called "Ulugbek". The students of the faculty are taking good places in olympiads' science and participating successfully.
Technological the laboratory is working which was intended for scientific works and educational process at the faculty. Over the last 10 years the faculty's teachers are conducting in teaching, educational and scientific work considerably.
In particular, 4 doctors of science, 7 candidates defended their dissertations, 5 monographs, 7 textbooks and manuals are published with the Ministry of the higher education's cipher code for students.
More than 50 scientific articles in foreign magazines and from more than 100 articles in the magazine of the Republic were published by the teachers and researchers of the faculty.
Scientific grants are carried out constantly on a scale of the republic and foreign countries at the departments of the faculty.
In addition, the contracts from enterprise capacity are performed by "Urgench Mamun construction" created under the faculty. Postgraduates also attend in this research grants and the contracts.
As the teachers of our faculty are active participants of "public innovative ideas, technologies and projects of fairs" they made more than 2 billion sum contracts with the manufacturing enterprises and this practical work is carried out on.