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Abdullaev Bakhrom Ismoilovich

Abdullaev Bakhrom Ismailovich was born in an educated family. He graduated from Tashkent State University, the faculty of “Mathematics” in 1992. During the 1992-2006 years he worked as a teacher, senior teacher and the occupation of docent. In 1999 he defended his research work on the theme “The analysis of Mathematic” under the specialty of 01.01.01. In 2006-2009 years. He worked as a Head of the “The theory and the methodology of primary education” department at Urgench State University. In 2012 he was awarded with the title of docent. During 2009-2015 years, he worked as a Dean in the faculty of Physics and Mathematics. He lectured on his research work in the Krasnoyarsk State University of Russia in 2002 and 2009. He participated in the international conference with his research works in California State University and Nevada State University in USA during the years 2011, 2013 and 2014. He has been working as a rector of Urgench State University since the 18th of July in 2015.

Vice-rector for Academic Affairs

Hodjaniyazov Sardor Umarovich

Dr. Sardor Hodjaniyazov is on the position of deputy rector on academic issues from 2009. PhD in Theory and History of Pedagogy (2002). Docent of Department of Pedagogy and Psychology at Urgench State University (from 2005) . He has graduated Faculty of Russian Filology of Khorezm State Pedagogical Institute in 1991 and PhD course on Theory and History of Pedagogy at Tashkent State Pedagogical University in 2001.

Vice-rector for Research and Innovation

Ibragimov Zafar Shavkatovich


Vice-rector for youth work

Davletov Sanjar Rajabovich

From 2009, Sanjarbek Davletov Rajabovich is a vise rector on Spiritual and Enlightenment Affairs at Urgench State University. Davletov Sanjar was born in Khorezm region Yangiarik district in 1977 and he got Higher Education . In 1999 he graduated from the Urgench State University with the specialty on history with honors diploma. In 1998 he was awarded with the State Presidential scholarship of the Republic of Uzbekistan. He is candidate of historical science and the master of MBA. In 2013 he had finished the higher business school under the Cabinet Ministry of Republic of Uzbekistan. During 2001-2002 years he worked at Uzbekistan State World Languages University as a Head of the Spiritual and Enlightenment Center.In 2003 he was the member in Academy of Sciences Board in fundamental scientific research organized-analyses department invigilator.
In 2004 he was the deputy of Khorezm Mamun Academy on Scientific researches.During 2005-2006 years he was a Head of the History Department and in 2006 he was chosen as a Dean of the History faculty. From the February 2009 up today he has been working as a vise-rector on Spiritual-Enlightenment Affairs at Urgench State University. S.Davletov is author of more than 110 scientific articles and theses, 4 academic-methodological manuals.

Vice-rector for financial and economic Affairs

Atadjanov Alisher Omonboyevich

Atajanov Alisher Omanbayevich is the vise rector of the finance and economics affairs at Urgench State University.
Atajanov Alisher Omanbayevich was born on 7 th of April, 1969 in Qiyot village of Shovot region in Khorezm . He is Uzbek . He has had higer education.
In 1993 he graduated from Toshkent finance institute, account-economics faculty. In 1993-2004 years he worked as the head of taxing on juridical person branch at Urgench State tax inspection and the branch of monitoring currency, export and importing operations.
He has SIPA experienced certificate and auditor certificate.
Atajanov Alisher Omanbayevich worked as the auditor of assistant accountant at Urgench state university from 2008-2009. From 2010 he has been working as the vise rector of the finance and economics affairs branch at Urgench State University.

Vice-rector for International Cooperation

Urazboyev Gayrat Urazaliyevich