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Urgench State University

Physics and Mathematics


Dekan:Jumanazar Urozmetovich Xujamov

Phone number:(8362) 224-66-32
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Physics and Mathematics

Four departments are being functioned at the faculty nowadays:

  • Department of "Functional Analysis"
  • Department of "Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics"
  • Department of "Informatics and IT"
  • Department of "Physics"

    In these departments there are 5 specializations on the following bachelor directions: 5460100 - Mathematics, 5480100 - Applied Mathematics and informatics, 5440100 - Physics in which the total enrolled number of students is 687. There are 14 master students in specialization of 5A460101 "Mathematical Analysis" and 6 master students in specialization of 5A440103 "Semiconductors and non-conductors".

    Scientific Research There are a number of clubs and courses for the gifted students in each department. For example, in “Functional Analysis” under the supervision of Dr. Xujamov J. a club “Young Mathematicians”, in “Applied mathematics and Mathematical Physics” under the supervision of Dr. Xaitmetov U. “Complicated problems of the Elementary Mathematics”.


    The staff of the faculty participates in a number of international conferences. Moreover, conferences are held in Urgench also. In 2008, May 11-15 at the faculty there was an international conference on the theme “The main problems of the Complex Analysis”


    On May of 2011 Dr. B. Abdullaev, prof. S. Imomqulov and Z.Ibragimovtook took part in the conference in Nevada State University and in Workshop Analysis in California State University.

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