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Muddat 20 avgust 2018 yil

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Diqqat!!! Hurmatli SIRTQI ta'lim abiturientlari, test sinovlariga ushbu grafik asosida Urganch shahridagi "Yoshlik" sport majmuasiga (passport va DTM ruhsatnomasi bilan) borishingiz so'raladi.


The startup meeting was hosted by the Urgench State University, gathering the local and international partners of the RENES project. The meeting was aimed to introduce the project partners to each other and to give an overview of the project activities, as well as to discuss the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved and the structure of the project management.

Project title

Program Countries

Partner countries

Project duration

574055-EPP-1-2016-1-IT-EPPKA2- CBHE-JP RENES: Development of Master Programme in Renewable Energy Sources and Sustainable Environment

Grant proposed: 850.975,00

Grantholder: University of L'Aquila (IT) BG: University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy SE: KTH Royal Institute of Technology DE: Technical University Berlin

Uzbekistan: Urgench State University, Andijan State University, Gulistan State University, Karshi State University, Tashkent Automobile and Road Institute, Turin Politechnical University in Tashkent, Committee on Protection of Nature Andijan Region, MIRSOLAR LLC, International Solar Energy Institute, Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialised Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan

36 months

15/10/2016 14/10/2019

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Download Presentation :link