English for STEM                                                            

This project is funded by US State Department. Project duration is for two years - June 2018 –December 2020.Total budget is 54,285 USD. The main purpose and  issue of this project is to give deep knowledge, which will provide a foundation of English language skills with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and  also  to recruit and identify qualified candidates in the field of education. Project started from June 2018 and selected 60 students from STEM area  of  Urgench State University. Organized 4 groups and each group consisted of 15 students. 4 English teachers has been conducting the practical lessons.

A step of this project is:

  • To introduce with the course description
  • Enlarge their vocabulary on terminology
  • To develop students’ fluency and confidence in language use.
  • Enabled to engage, actively explore, and understand core science and technology concepts in English, thus facilitating productive collaboration with international institutions and businesses working in these areas.

The Lessons (after school instructions) has been conducting according to the syllabus. Additional English classes will increase language skills of 60  first- /and –second year undergraduate university students through 360 hours of English classes spread over two calendar years to majoring in one of the STEM subjects. After all English classes will be organized Summer Camp for STEM students.

Summer Camp is planned to be held in June-August 2019 year. Such kind of events will be organized.

  • Tours to ancient  fortresses
  • Tour to Khiva city
  • Travelling to sightseeing’s of Urgench city

Cultural events, especially national dancing, national musical instruments will be introduced and presented.